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   Housestyle - Modern - Diverse
  Fine House
  Shown is an example of a modern house style that incorporates many traditional features; long sheltering roof overhangs, steeply pitched roofs, eyebrow window dormer, woven and flared shingled corners, and craftsman-styled horizontal trim line connecting tops of all windows.
Above is an English-style carport with a fully hipped roof. On the far left, the roof extends out over the firewood storage area. The large skylight on left side of roof is for the second floor art studio. The timbered-frame breezeway connects carport to house. All the exterior columns are resting on granite plinth-blocks.

Continuation of horizontal trim above windows accentuating the master bedroom suite on the left with its French doors. They enter onto the very low-profile deck seemingly floating above the ground. In the middle is a set of French doors leading to the living room. To the immediate right is the angled-bay dining room nook and further to the right is the angled-bay screened-in porch. On the far right can be seen the first section of the timbered breezeway connection to the carport.


This view is from the master bedroom doorway looking across the living room area towards the island and kitchen area. Straight ahead through the doorway is the pantry, laundry, and side mudroom entry. To the right is the dining area with a French door leading to an all cedar-lined screened-in porch. Floating across at the nine-foot wall height are the bottom cords of the 30-foot roof timbered-frame trusses with let-in kingposts and let-in angled knee braces.


This view is from the balcony of the loft area looking out across the living room and kitchen areas ahead and to the dining area on the far right. This head-on view looking across the kingposts and angled braces of the timbered-frame trusses shows the let-in roof purlins bridging the rafters. On the far left is a five-foot roof overhang projection, as also seen from the outside front view, creating a narrow balcony shelf above the kitchen area. Above this is the cut-in eyebrow dormer framed with angled-timbers. Straight ahead at the peak in the gabled-end wall are two custom-made triangular windows. In the foreground are the hand-carved Douglas fir newel posts and moosewood and apple railings and balusters. We took extra effort during the framing stage of construction to fully conceal the electrical wiring for both the ceiling fans and double-circuit track lighting. We also concealed the low-voltage transformer for the high-tech aerial lighting suspended over the kitchen island going from beam to beam. On the far wall to the immediate left of the upper kitchen cabinet is an exhaust vent connected to an air-to-air heat exchanger ventilation system located in the basement.


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