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  We build and renovate homes and additions to meet the unique needs of each client. Our first and continuous goal is to understand your expectations and to bring them to reality. Having over twenty years of experience, Fine Home Construction has both the expertise and the capacity to craft quality one-of-a-kind projects for every construction need and budget. We excel at offering our clients guidance with the multitude of decisions affecting the performance and style of their home.
“I enjoy the process and challenge of creating a finely crafted home from scribbling designs on a napkin, to the drama of standing the walls on end, to the framing of intersecting roof planes, to installing our handmade cabinets, and to the final handshake as the owners step over their new threshold.” - John Lichtman
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Shown is an example of a modern house style that incorporates many traditional features; long sheltering roof overhangs, steeply pitched roofs, eyebrow window dormer, woven and flared shingled corners, and craftsman-styled horizontal trim line connecting tops of all windows.

You will see a number of "grayed-out" links in the site directory on the left, I am going back to our previous work to get improved photographs for these pages. Please vist this site again in a little while, the links will become active as we add the new photographs to the site. Thank you for visiting and please send me an email concerning your thoughts regarding our work.
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